Blogs I Visit

Sunday Women   – Encouragement for the pastor’s wife

A Holy Experience – So much goodness!

Building the Blocks – A great big family that follows God’s heart.

Jen Hatmaker –  This lady inspires me towards grace and active love for the least of these.  And she’s a pastor’s wife, so…yah.  She speaks my language.

Shannan Martin – I would love to sit and eat salsa and chips with this woman and talk life.

The Honey Pot – Love that this beautiful woman’s  heart oozes joy and God’s goodness into everything.

All For The Boys – Great ideas for keeping boys busy.

The Cote Family & Ministry – Good friends and their life

How Does She? – Great help for my lack of creativity

Family Fun  – Love this site for craft/play ideas for my kids.

Roth Couple Photography – my brother and sister-in-laws photography website.

Mom Heart – Good “stuff” for a mom to have before her as she raises her children.

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