Perfect dozen

He’s reached a perfect dozen – 1220170309_192920Who?  Not one of my children!?  You guys, I look in the mirror and wonder who that older woman is.  And then I look at the kid asking to borrow his dad’s shoes and wonder who he is!

20170309_183523Twelve years ago, I was a sleep-deprived, half panicked, totally smitten new mom to this guy.  I worried about things like sleep schedules and following every “good mom” technique to make my baby highly successful, happy, and brilliant.  I cutely folded little onesies, didn’t co-sleep because I had nothing else to do at night then get up and take care of him,  and spent hours laying on the floor admiring his every expression and noise, not to mention – took thousands of pictures to document each shift in his glance.  We traversed life back then with long walks in the jogging stroller between nap and feeding times, and didn’t go out at night because there was so much entertainment to be had over baths and belly time.

Tradition: Black bean brownies with cream cheese frosting.

Though he’s not the only kiddo on my radar now, and co-sleeping and cute folding habits changed through the years with subsequent siblings, he is no less intriguing and loved by us!  Right now, we admire things like fuzzy facial hairs, more lost teeth, a love language of being listened to and affirmed, and the character he’s showing as he joins into the happenings of middle school and youth group.


His dream come true!


I know this is going to be a big year for you, Son.  Twelve is the perfect year to become a young man. Let’s do this!  And I promise to not spend all my time exclaiming over your squeaky voice and oily face….at least not by taking 1000’s of pictures.

Above all, we pray you will grow and mature in your relationship with God as you submit your will to His,  trusting Him with your plans, feelings, and thoughts.  So many new things to learn and experience this year.  We are excited for and with you.

Happy 12th year, Firstborn!


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