She’s my fourth baby. The bookend to our family.  I just can’t even.  How does one take in all that they are and all the wonderful of this gift of littleness.  I treasure every cute word, every moment her hand seeks mine, every time she falls asleep in my arms, or tells me her dreams.  I know it’s almost done.  This season of watching the babies grow up and look like “humans” (what they call big people) is so precious. 20170227_120800 In typical February child fashion, she was sick for her birthday, again.  Cold and ear infections.   Not fun, but this girl is focused.


Never giving more than a hint that she was miserable, she went about making sure every detail of her party was just right.  There were decorations to buy, balloons to blow up, noise makers to pass out, and of course strawberry cake to be made and eaten.  And lets not forget the presents, which by the way, were mostly picked out by her.  Ha!


Four is pretty special, and she’s savoring being such a big girl, finally.  She’s already telling everyone she’ll be five soon.  Oh my!

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Girl, you are sweetness in our day.  The glitz in our ordinary.  The gem in the rock.  Your smile lights up the room and your hugs and kisses make everything seem just right.  We love listening to you tell us things in presentation format, and watching how you hold an extra special place in your brother’s and sister’s hearts.  You have a privileged position in this family.  You’re the fourth.  Who’s reached her fourth.

Happy birthday, precious girl!  We love you!



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