Raspberries and stairs

A rough cough, feverish night, and aching ears are what’s brought me back here to blogland once again.   Not mine, but a little one’s pain slowing the pace of life, giving me a few extra seconds to open my computer for more than bookkeeping work.  It feels good, like sitting down with an old friend over coffee.  And yes, I am having coffee with my computer. It happens.


There’s been a lot keeping us hopping, but mostly, we are like giddy kids because we have a house!  It’s a long story, but it comes down to this:  God provided!


Six months ago, we drove by a repo I’d found on Zillow, peeked in all the windows, walked the property and thought it might be just what we were looking for, specifically because it had bright, juicy raspberries all over the property.  Not really the only reason, but let’s be honest, we’re all about raspberries!  We set up a viewing, and made an offer that day.


There were other offers on the table, even a couple cash ones so we knew it was highly unlikely ours would stand.   Lots of prayers for contentment in whatever answer we received happened that night.  Little Guy was sure what it would be as he said, “It has stairs with carpet, so it IS our house.”

The next day, they accepted our offer.

But it was truly out of our league, too much for our little monthly budget.  After a home inspection, we cut the heart strings tugging us there because the repairs needed for the replacement of that beautiful – yet rotten – deck, were more than we could financially handle.  As much as we  liked the property, the neighborhood, the updates, the carpeted stairs, the location (five minute commute, oh my!), and of course the raspberries, we had to let it go.  And we did.  We completely moved on, realizing the house would sell in a heartbeat.


The viewing of other houses after that were nothing less than disappointing.  In our price range, there were missing foundations, lack of building codes, severe water damage, funky remodel jobs, no land, unbelievable smells, and the thought that maybe we were just going to need to rent a lot longer.


We finally shifted from a conventional loan and got approved for a rehab loan since every home needed major work to be livable.  Long story short, because of that approval, our realtor suggested we consider the raspberry house again – it hadn’t sold yet!  Six months had passed since the credit union put it on the market and getting it off their books was top priority.  They even offered to finance the deal, which they just don’t do.

Demo has begun on the deck.  Not the ideal temperature to do it, but better than having it rip off the house with all this snowfall.

We offered less, they accepted (and paid every cent of closing costs, plus some).  Two weeks of legal stuff that has to happen, and suddenly, we had keys in our hands and a big empty house to run wild and start dreaming in!  We are home owners again, sleeping under our own roof, shoveling our own driveway, and finding out what sets off all the smoke alarms in this place.  (There are three on the living room ceiling I discovered last night).  It’s GREAT!!!


Aren’t those wild countertops!

You guys, this house is an answer to prayer.  A lot of it.  We prayed for a place to raise our family in, a sanctuary for weary souls and hurting hearts to come and be refreshed and healed in.  We prayed for a place central to our work and ministry,  along the main highway, where anyone traveling through Alaska could easily stop in or stay.   We prayed for silly things like raspberry bushes and carpeted stairs and lots of windows looking south.  We also prayed for neighbors and relationships, summer-time bbq’s with strangers and friends, and a place where community could be born and thrive.   This structure is just a building, but in it’s walls, HOME will be celebrated and shared.  And we can’t stop smiling.  HOME is a good place to be.




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  1. Praise the Lord. So happy for you all. It looks lovely and yes God did Provide. (in His time) You all remain on my daily prayer list and I love thinking of you each day. Hope to stop by sometime. Hugs

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