Mom’s on break!


I just finished up a semester of working outside the home.  And I’m exhausted.  But, I’m also satisfied with a job well done.  Managing a kitchen is no joke, nor is shopping for, cleaning, and staffing the thing on a little budget.  But, I loved my job.  Having students pop in all day, and developing relationships over cookie dough is where I thrive.   I have gotten to oversee the rebirth and cultivating of a program that has been a difficulty for the college to staff, and though there were days early on when I literally cried out in pain (old injuries came back to life), there is now a fully functioning food program and two new cooks to relieve me of the cooking duty.  I will be able to just manage the program now, rather than run every aspect of it.  God is good!  And he knew we would need the extra income to get ourselves settled into a new world, because there is no such thing as a cheap move with four kids.


Speaking of those kids, they are all in school through the 22nd, so I’m taking advantage of these quieter days to get caught up on everything I let slide the last 16 weeks, including this blog – hello, again!  Number one on the list: find a house to buy!   Which seems like an endless endeavor.  But we’re trusting God’s timing, and doing the work of house viewing often.  There’s not a whole lot out there right now.


The kids have been doing well in school.  Oldest has participated in cross-country, basketball, and a LEGO robotics class.  To say he really likes his school is an understatement.  He has informed us that even if we move out of district when we find a home, he will continue going to his school.  Which would technically work because it’s only a block away from the college, but he’s committed!  He’s also plugged into our church’s youth group and it is the highlight of his week.


Big Sis likes her school too, but hasn’t enjoyed it quite as much as say, Oldest, with his.  She has participated in basketball, and is a great student.  On the top of her Christmas list is a pellet gun, so she can hunt rabbits and other small animals, just like her friends.  Alaska has been good for her.  She’s learned that she’s a little tougher than she thought, and that she loves the outdoors, almost as much as the beach!

We’ve participated in a self-defense class at the college.  She loved it!!

Little Brother is doing great at school.  He and Big Sis are in schools next-door to each other, and ride the same bus to the college each afternoon so he doesn’t feel completely alone.  Yet he’s getting to have his own experience, which has been good for him.  This week, he told me I could stop walking him into class because he could do it by himself – sigh!  Now he wants me to drop him off at the door just like his siblings.  They just don’t need you forever, do they?!  Thankfully, he still loves his mama snuggles when he gets home and before bed, so I’m ok.

Littlest is full of life and can’t wait to have our own house so she can have a pink bedroom with a princess bed and an oval mirror to sit in front of an brush her hair, because that’s what a princess does.  LOL! She has quite an imagination and tells us many stories all day about her little sister in Oregon that got left behind, the cow she owns in a field we pass every day name Ellie, and that bears should only eat meat that mom’s cook because people don’t taste good.  She is very helpful and precise in everything she does, including making her bed every day (what three year old does that!!!), cleaning up rooms, folding and carrying laundry – all without being asked.  She just likes to clean.  I’m amazed every day.

Sadie, our dog, got shipped to us awhile back, but we haven’t been able to keep her more than a few days at a time because of the no-pet policy where we’re staying.  She is doing great here though!  In Oregon she had developed a skin allergy that left her in misery with whole sections of her body bare because of the incessant itching.  That is gone here.  Her coat is back, full and shiny, and she loves the friends she gets to live with for now.  The kids can hardly wait to have her to play with.







  1. So good to hear of your adventures. You are in my daily prayers. I love all things Alaska and hope to visit some day. I pray for your impact on the school and the state. Keep it up all of you. God Bless. May the new year bring even more blessings.

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