A little update

10, 9, 8, 7, 6….. School starts in six days!  College, in a few more.

Cooling off in the mist.


Though we weren’t sure which direction we would go for schooling our kids this year, we finally decided to register a Kindergartener (!!!), fourth grader, and, Sixth, Middle-Schooler (!!!) in three of our local, small-town public schools.  Our hesitancy and  questions over what to do this year (some of you got to be part of our working through this 🙂 ) has turned to excitement as we’ve interacted with school personnel and talked with parents and students to find that our kids are headed to the right place, for now.  AND they will have opportunities we’d only dreamed of (and prayed for) for a long time.

Our MIDDLE-SCHOOLER!  And the KINDER kid is back there, being a five year old.


We’ve done the usual maniacal back-to-school buying. Four big boxes of Kleenex per kid, 90 sharpened pencils, 14 glue sticks for the Kindergartener, and a partridge in a pear tree.  I’d say they’re ready!  And so thrilled to be plugging back into a community where there’s things like recess, new friends, and music class!

He might need to grow a little first.  At the military-base airshow.


We’re spending the last week of our rainy summer vacation Olympic-cheering, getting the sport physicals done for school, stocking up on lunch foods, and enjoying the colors of fall already flushing over the landscape.

Waiting for the Blue Angels.


To top off the race to the school doors opening, I just found out I will be running the food service program at the Bible college. Let that just sink in.  Ok, that last sentence was for me, but this news has meant a mad rush to get management certified, and put all the details of a food program in place, in two weeks time.  If you don’t hear from me for awhile, you know where I’ll be!

Alaskan fireweed is beautiful!


I’m super excited (and terrified) to be the one responsible for filling college students up with chocolate chip cookies and the love put into each meal they’ll eat, so they can pursue the mission God has put in their hearts to reach Alaskan’s, and the world.  As for our family, Jonathan and I have schedules that coordinate to allow him to be with kids when I’m working, and vise-versa.   We’ll be eating the food I make at the college too, so I don’t have to cook two dinners each day.  Win-win!20160803_173220

For those of you who’ve asked, our living situation has been great!  The three-month lease we signed to live on a mission complex (in a furnished apartment), expires next month.   Three months seemed sufficient when we signed; time to sell our home in Oregon, shop for something here, and be settled before the first snow.  But, though our home “sold” the first week we put it on the market, it hasn’t closed yet, and surprise, surprise, the closing date keeps getting moved out.

This has changed our plans for obvious reasons.  We had an Alaska home in contract that would close in September.  It was the “perfect” situation, we thought.  As time went on, and more expenses arose on our Oregon property, a home inspection here indicated big expenses in the near future, so we decided to cut our losses and get out.  It was worth losing the perfect place to not be in a situation where we couldn’t pay the bills, or furnish our home.   Thankfully, there’s room for us on the mission complex, so we’ll stay put for now, and keep praying for God to lead us where, and when we should go.

We are in the bottom, left apartment.  Come visit us!!


As for a church home, that’s an area where we are hopeful, but hesitant.  It’s too early to say we’ve found THE body we will call our local church, but we’ve found a place we’ve enjoyed for a couple visits, and VBS.  The Bride of Christ that worship there have been all about welcoming and warmly receiving us.  The kids have all swooned and never want to leave. While our gut reaction is to sign on, plug in, start serving…we are being patient, going slow, and allowing ourselves to sit back in our seats.  Way back.  We will have to stay on the observing, receiving, and remaining anonymous side of things for the moment.  It’s a hard, almost uncomfortable place for a  *former* pastor’s family to sit.  But it’s been good – to sit on these sidelines and silently cheer on the Body functioning, loving, encouraging…without us leading the way.  God is at work, all over this world.  There’s nothing better for our hearts to see.

We are a sixteen year old couple now! The girl at the coffee shop said we were old. But what we know is that this is the BEST; faithful, enduring love that grows deeper and wider with each passing day and grey hair.







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