Tears and Fun

We’ve settled in.  At least I think we have.  Mostly.  After a glacier dust-covered, red-neck 4th of July celebration and lots of activities to keep us busy from sun up to…well until after bedtime anyway, this week has been about recovering (littlest’s have a cold), getting laundry back to a normal pace, and grocery shopping.  Can I just say, I went shopping ALONE, five minutes from home the other night.  I haven’t done that in over six years.  It was a mom’s dream come true!

HP10Flowers of AKHP9

This feeling that life may be headed onto the “normal” track again is only interrupted with cries from the littlest ones who have started to miss their besties and their beach home.  They are missing favorite snuggy blankets, and asking about the people they consider family.  Tears are flowing often over little things, and though there are plenty of fun and new things to love here, just a few years on this earth hasn’t prepared them for the distance and change of moving to Alaska.

So as we exclaim over the beauty of this place and marvel in all the details of how God brought us here and is providing in ways we didn’t expect, we are also taking into account that some little ones aren’t marveling quite as much, and are anxiously awaiting a trip back to life as they knew it. HP13

A few more hugs, reading familiar stories (I did bring a few books from home), and little surprise gifts of Play-doh,  crayons, a favorite kid show, and an ice cream cone or two, are helping this fall from vacation-mode into normal, living here-mode be a little less hard. Don’t get me wrong though, these kids are ALIVE!! There are new friends all over the hill we’re living on.  There’s big open fields and forts in the trees, fire pits, and life-long friends an hour up the road to go visit.  And there’s parks, and play places, and rivers, and hikes, and bush planes, and a new (to us) van to ride in, with back windows that roll down, and a DVD player for long rides!  Yes, there’s so much fun!  And to top it all off, we are slowly re-acquiring, eh-hem, TOYS and craft supplies, which hasn’t been too hard on these kids.    HP3FlowerHP4HP7HP6

We will all adjust, in time.  I expect more tears in our future, and more memories to remind of all the good we’ve left behind, but I also see God’s tender mercy carrying us in this new place to so much good and grace-FULL living.  We will acquire more family, and we will make a new home – a place where hearts are full and where God is present, and even our youngest will feel at peace because we have commited ourselves into His hands, and He is the One who makes a heart at rest and content. Wherever we are. Hatchers Pass

The faces say it all.

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