And then we arrived

Quietly, almost like it wasn’t really happening, the calendar switched over and the day of our travel to Alaska began – boy were we ready!  Kids were sent outside to play, beds were de-sheeted, the mini fridge we were using was cleaned out, and luggage was weighed again after the last minute things we’d collected/used the last three weeks were inserted into every nook and cranny that remained of our 12 pieces of luggage.

20160604_184148 The scales came up over 50 pounds on a few bags, and plenty of things remained to be packed, so we got rid of even more. Three boxes more, to be exact. Sheesh, it all felt like excess after living the last three weeks out of one backpack of clothing each.  Bags lighter on the scale, kids bathed and redressed for travel, my Dad prayed over us one more time, we kissed and hugged family, and waved good-bye to life in Oregon.


Travel went smoothly…even with four kids traveling after bedtime.  Stepping foot on Anchorage soil, a huge amount of relief washed over me.  THAT part of transition was over, and it, along with every other aspect of this adventure testified to a good and attentive Father who opened the doors and prepared the way before us.


We were all so happy, even at midnight!!  An hour drive and a trip through McDonalds for breakfast at 1:30am put us into our new apartment around 2am.  With Artic summer light still flooding through the windows, we crawled into bed, and our trip was o.v.e.r.  That word seems too simple for all that went into getting us to that point, but it is a good place to be.  Here.

Saying good-bye to his best friend.  For now. 


This week has been all about settling in: filling the fridge, re-collecting STUFF we shed to get here.   And we’ve been exploring.  Finding out how much things cost, how beautiful this place is, where we’d like to buy a house, and trying to find a vehicle, which believe it or not is really hard way up in the 49th state.

But we are loving every aspect of this new beginning.  The kids are thrilled to be around so many kids their age, and we are excited to be meeting the people who make up Alaska.  There’s some neat humans here, and we are happy to have landed in this part of the world.


God is good.  All the time.

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