Birthday boys

Two April birthdays came and went without a mention here, and I have to remedy that because they were for some pretty special guys!

The youngest first:


Little Brother can hold up a whole hand of fingers now and is ready to take on Kindergarten this fall!!  He surprises me every day with how much he’s soaked up and knows in that head of his.  He isn’t the most talkative kid, and can sit and play quietly alone for hours, but he’s also a very sociable little guy and likes to tell stranger and friend alike about the big things he’s figuring out.

He is all about building LEGO’s, racing on foot, drawing spaceships, and writing random letters all over his page, then asking what it spells.  He can count to 100 easy-peasy, and reads simple words.  He’s very concerned that he will “never” learn how to tie his own shoes, and if there was ever a shortage on Cheerios, he just might die.  But that’s ok, because then he’ll just “come up back to life when Jesus says to”.   Five is going to be so fun!  Dad37

And this older guy, well he has to hold up all his fingers a few times at least, but that just means we’ve all had more time to love him.   This year’s kinda a big deal for him, as you can imagine with all the changes happening in our lives right now.  I can’t wait to see all the ways God works in and through him over the next 365 days, and beyond.

To the two April birthday guys in my life, Happy belated Birthday on the blog.  You make my world, and so many other’s, a better place!

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