The last items sold this week, the church business was turned over to the interim pastor, and we are preparing for our final words to the church, and good-bye party this next week.  I can’t believe we’re at this point, and yet I also can’t believe how long it seems to have taken!   Day by day, the details of our packing and travels change a little, or a lot, and this adventure feels more and more like it’s really going to happen, somehow.    As I scan the almost empty house, see the airline reservations on the fridge, and  hear the talk about the new pastor search already underway, it sinks in just how much we’re committed.  This move IS happening, and all that talk about trusting God…it get’s to be put into action now as we prepare to embark on the ride of our lives.  But first, we wait some more.


After five weeks of sorting, selling, donating, parties, good-byes, side trips,  and planning, the stamina we started with is waning.  Our littles are confused that they’ve said good-bye so many times, yet here we sit. Keeping their minds in a happy place has become somewhat of a full-time job, that I really stink at, and I’m sure they would tell you I should be fired.

One minute we’re emotionally up and excited, the next we need words of encouragement that we will make it, that this process will end at some point, and that we really meant it when we said we would move to Alaska so many months ago.   Sanity for the five year old means we count days…every day, many times a day.  Sanity for this mama means remembering to stop every once in awhile to regroup, to remember life outside of moving does exist.

DSCN9806The other night we escaped the chaos of our empty house to spend a beautiful evening soaking in the sinking rays of the sun, the warmth of the sand, whales skimming by, and our children playing with carefree abandon at their favorite place; the beach.  It was a feast for our hearts to remember to breathe, to find rejuvenation from our Creator in trusting Him to care for us even in rest.


This chapter of our lives will end soon, and hard as it is, it will be good. In the meantime, we press on with expectation of new beginnings on the horizon…or in 10 days.  If anyone was counting.   DSCN0171


Our girls had the privilege of being flower girls in a very special wedding this month.  They were enchanted with the beautiful bride, and loved all the frills and puffiness of their own gowns, and especially the kiss at the end.  🙂 It was a family affair, with Jonathan officiating, Oldest welcoming guests and receiving gifts, and your’s truly…wedding photographer.  A first for me.  It was a great day!



  1. Praying for you!! Please keep up the blog even in the chaos! I know I am encouraged and uplifted by your inspiring words. May God richly bless your adventure and we look forward to hearing all about it!

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