The Baby is Three

It’s not every day you feel like you’ve entered a new stage of life, but this year it’s a for-sure thing!  I’ve officially crossed the middle age line, and my baby has moved into big kid status with a third birthday, and size 4T clothes!

As much as I miss snuggling a wee babe, I am thrilled at this place we’re at, especially the *almost* sleeping through the night thing.  (Who knew that a grown human could survive on so little sleep for so many years?)


This is what three looks like around here (Sorry about the pictures.  The camera’s in desperate need of replacing.  Someday.)


DSCN9316We had a whole conversation today about a dead and dried earthworm.  She carried it around like it was her best friend and then assured me it was really very “coot” and if only we put it in her big brother’s bug box, it would be cozy and get all better.


She dresses herself, gets herself into, out of, and buckled up in the car, Washes everything in way too much water, but also makes sure to mop ever speck of it off the floor when she’s done.  She dances constantly, talks a lot, and would like to be a grown up now.  Except that snuggles with mom would be a little more difficult, and those are an absolute must, all day long!


And this is thirty-five around here.

DSCN9090 It’s a lot less princess-y than three, but feeling a little more grown up isn’t so bad either.  I’m liking this place of “maturity” – where my kids assert how “old” I am every chance they get, where I get carded at the grocery store less often, and where that bite of dessert really does intend to stick around on my waist forever more.  It’s the little things.

As long as I get to have conversations about bugs and bodies and boogers, then I know this is going to be a great stage of life!  One where maturity and immaturity meld together to remind us that life is too short to lament the passing of time.  Instead we are going to embrace the uniqueness’s of each year, enjoy the days as they come, and treasure the gifts we’ve so graciously been given.



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