Right now

I’m intentionally stopping to look around, to write it down, to consider the abundance of gifts I’ve been given, right now.


There’s this saucy little girl who thinks she’s both 10 and baby…snuggles expected on demand.


And this rambunctious little boy who is growing up so fast, and loves to flash me a big toothy grin every once in awhile just to remind me he’s thinking about me watching him.


There’s this sunshine streaming through the windows, and that bite in the breeze that reminds me even on the coast, winter is on it’s way.   Such a good time of year.  DSCN8715And this Oldest boy.  One word – Adolescence.  So much good, so much drama.  I’m thinking this crazy time is one of those gifts that humbles parents so we can remember how desperately we need to pray for our children.


There’s also this strange thing I’m feeling – a gift I’m still unwrapping – called baby/nursing/ changing diapers-less-ness.  It’s still sinking in.  But I love it.  🙂


And it goes on: Peace at bedtimes Toys strewn everywhere.  Little water color paintings plastering my fridge.  Four legged creatures who bring crazy fun, and calming comfort to our days – and an inordinate amount of fleas!  Can those be a gift too?


There’s bigger kids and dad working on projects, learning to use tools, and measure twice.  Laundry piles being put away by their owners (amen).  An online Bible study bringing relationship between busy women.  Community that loves Jesus and others – so refreshing.

DSCN8661A husband who loves me like Christ loves the Church – completely, sacrificially.  Friends who stick closer than a brother, and pray for us like our lives depend on it.


Letters to little ones from great grandma, children laughing and make-believing together, expectation of trips to come, family to be seen, trees to be decorated, songs to be sung.


This girl who spends her afternoons – post school – teaching her little siblings how to read.    And chooses a Bible verse a week to write and memorize on her own.  Goodness!  Where did she come from?


Kind words of encouragement.  Fresh salmon randomly dropped off for dinner.  Health.

DSCN8755 It’s in the every day happenings – the living fully now in the present – that contentment and joy can be opened up and celebrated…because our Daddy gives the best gifts!

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