In the morning

In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus!” (Click on the title to hear this song).



I love mornings.  Not the getting up part.  That’s really my least favorite part of the day.   Once I’m awake though, I love the freshness of a new day, the anticipation of what’s to come as the sun rises above the treeline.  I love opening blinds and letting light shine in.


IMG_2703And then the jumble of all the things I need to do starts filling my head:  Make coffee (cause we all know this is a top priority), clean up after the whirlwind of getting kids to school, care for littles, get dinner going, pay bills… really just goes on and on so I’ll spare you.  There seem to be a thousand things that can occupy the space between my ears.

IMG_2696But amidst the noise of that place, I also hear this still small voice saying, “Remember Me.”


In that conversation with your strong-willed child.   In the mopping up of the mess from the potty-training two year old.  In the fear ridden cries of littles at night.  In the strangers who grace your door.  In the third load of laundry today.  In the sacrifice of living for Me.  Remember?  That’s who this is all for, right?  In the news that seems endlessly bad.  In the victories that can go to your head.  In those heartbreaking words you just heard.  In the joy of a beach day.  In the hustle and bustle of making appointments with four kids in tow. In those gloomy/hard days when comfort seems priority and people, not so much.  In the keeping of order.  And in the mess of life.

  Remember Me. 

IMG_2704So this morning I pray,

Fill my heart with Your Truth.

Walk beside me on my way.

Give me wisdom, and kindness in my speech.

Order my wandering thoughts and open my eyes to what You see.


Supply the grace I need for what’s ahead.

Hold me up when I am weak.

Encourage and strengthen me to love.

I want YOU when I rise.

Not more sleep, not a less stressful day – though those things are nice too.

Jesus, You are what I NEED!   In the morning….and all day long.


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