And so it began

I am only four weeks behind, but we did in fact start school here…AND I have the picture of his first day of fifth grade and her third to prove it.


Better late than never.

What you need to know about this picture is, 1) I didn’t take it; 2) I wasn’t even home; 3) It was right after my hubby got back from a 10 day missions trip to Alaska; 4) He sent me on a kid-free day where I was supposed to relax, do something I enjoy – or a lot of things, and just breathe deeply after a very long 10 days of single parenting; 5) I very foolishly, but practically made myself a dental appointment (because it’s so easy to go to the dentist without kids!).

It was an early appointment.  I figured I’d be done in an hour and have the rest of the day to enjoy.

What I didn’t put into my calculations was that I hadn’t been to the dentist in about three years.  I also had been having tooth sensitivity for months, and hadn’t had x-rays in at least 6 years because of pregnancy.

The check-up, x-rays, and cleaning left me with the doctor swinging through the door to say I infact had a large cavity in the offensive tooth.  But she could fill it for me that day.  I said sure, let’s do it and get it over with while I’m kidless. What’s another 30 minutes?   She then went on to explain that it was in a tight spot where a filling would work, but a crown would be better long term. I figured that couldn’t be too much worse.

She filed the tooth down, put the temporary crown on, and I was dismissed with a numb mouth and a crowning appointment in two weeks.  An hour later as I was wandering a store, the numbness began to leave and nerve pain washed over me like a wave.  Nerve pain is no joke!  I ended up coming home hungry (can’t eat after all that!), exhausted, put myself to bed with a big amount of Ibuprofen, and tried not to move or breathe for as long as possible.

And so it began.

I am growing old.

As are these kiddos.

Happy growing older to all you other humans.  Glad we’re in this together.  🙂

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