Some Summer Happenings

This has been one of our busiest summers on record, and it’s looking to stay that way until the day school starts – at which time I expect to be busy with things like soccer and music lessons, and….

Last Saturday we had plans, but when the kids woke up, they asked to stay home because they said, “We’re just too tired.”   It’s true.   We’ve all gotten “fun exhaustion”.  If my kids are feeling exhausted, it’s a good indicator it’s time for a down day.  Which we had and greatly enjoyed!!

Here’s a few of our summer happenings that have filled our minds with great memories and hearts with gratefulness:


There was the camp that takes over our July’s.  This year I braved it again with the (quickly becoming more responsible) Littles and stayed up there for a whole week.  Fun, fun, fun.  Late nights and camp treats, swimming, archery, and dunk tanks.  These kids loved it!  Big Brother and Big Sis were BOTH campers this time, which means I have a 3rd and 5th grader this Fall!!!

There was so much activity that the Littles were never bored with kid-watching, and every once in awhile getting to be involved.  Having Daddy as camp dean has it’s benefits!!


This guy had his first cavity filled after two years of watching it grow from a speck to a big hole.  He wasn’t scared AT ALL, and thought his numb mouth was funny and “poofy”.  By the way, having a dentist who has kids, and LIKES kids…best things since ice cream! Which is what I offered Little man for a treat, but he picked blueberry picking instead.  May I introduce the Blueberry Bomb!  He can pick a bucket full in no time and smile the entire time – a good thing since he also eats them like a blueberry monster!


There’ve been a lot of impromptu river and ocean days, which are our favorites for sure!




Hi! I’m here too!

And for those days when there’s been laundry and toilet cleaning and piles of dishes to catch up on, these kids have been great at finding something to do around the yard.  Whether it’s hammock swinging, digging random holes, picking flowers, or building sheet forts, they know how to make the most of a day mom kicks them out of the house.



I’d say we enjoy a random smoothie now and then, but it’s really a smoothie a day most summer long.  Our favorite recipe  looks something like this.

  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Frozen Blueberries/Blackberries/Mango/Banana/Strawberries/Pineapple (usually three, or whatever I have at the time)
  • Splash of OJ
Filling (and full of protein!), and the kids LOVE, LOVE it for breakfast or lunch. (It’s filling enough that it’s all they eat)..
It’s been three years, but we finally got back to the wildlife park in our neck of the woods.  Lions and tigers and bears…..and foxes, goats, donkey, llamas, reindeer, ostrich, camels, leopards, and so much more! The kids get to feel like they’re on a farm, and in the deepest parts of Africa!
This boy is a Dr. Doolittle. He's got some kind of animal sense about him that is pretty amazing. Maybe it's that he's not afraid AT ALL.
This boy is a Dr. Doolittle. He’s got some kind of animal sense about him that is pretty amazing. Maybe it’s that he’s not afraid AT ALL.
She found Eeyore and wanted to take him home.
She found Eeyore and wanted to take him home

There’s also been a horse ranch that’s become a part of our weekly routine this summer.  The owners have created a program for children to come ride…for FREE.  My kids love it, and I love that they’re getting to experience something my man and I   both enjoyed growing up.  Little Brother is already controlling the horse by himself (he was sure he could do this by the first week) and Little Sis squeals with glee about two miles out and doesn’t stop clapping and singing “My hoe-sies, my hoe-sies, my hoe-sies!!!” until she sees them in person.  She gets to ride too!


Alivia horse

In-between all his summer responsibilities, my guy – at the constant pleading of his children – agreed to build them a playhouse made of scrap wood. The catch is, they have to help, and then paint it when it’s done.  Which they are more than happy to do!  Their dream blueprint included a full guest house with kitchenette, bathroom, and multiple bunks.  Reality is a hard lesson.



And on those super windy summer coast days that keep us all inside, it has been discovered that there are never enough hours to build all the things that can be built with Lego’s.  There’s a whole lot of sibling bonding that has happened over this box of little blocks!


Summer you have been good and we are enjoying the last of your days with more swimming, registering for school, and giving thanks for all the good gifts God gives each and every day.

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