Halfway to Thirty

This last week we finally hit driving age in our marriage, so we decided to be crazy and, get this…go camping for a couple nights.  Ok, maybe that wasn’t so crazy, but minus all the Littles –  it was just the romantic, out in nature getaway we love!

There’s just something about being away from the norm, sleeping out in the fresh air, sitting by a fire every night, and fighting off the mosquitoes that we dig. But even better than being surrounded by the outdoors, we got the most important thing any couple can have.  Alone time.  Sweet, beautiful, luxurious alone time.  You parents out there know what I’m talking about! 😉


And as if that wasn’t good enough, we ate amazing food that no one complained about.


Enjoyed listening to music that doesn’t include words like, “E,I, E, I, O” or “Next time won’t you sing with me.”


People-watched unashamedly.

IMG_2285Visited a nearby town for fine dining and goodies.  It was our anniversary after all.  🙂


Marveled at all the ways God has sustained and grown us together through the years of school, part time jobs, ministry, having babies, and now raising those bigger-than-babies kids.

IMG_2254Sat at cute coffee shops, sipping drinks without interruption, or the need to reheat them.

IMG_2265Shared quietness at overlooks, took walks at whatever pace we felt like, dipped our toes in a warm lake.

IMG_2288 Went to bed early.  Woke up late.  Stared silently at the night sky, sang random songs, held hands, and shared memories.  And then to top it all off, we did something we’ve always wanted to try.

IMG_2289 We rented an ATV and drove the fierce dunes of the West coast.  It was amazing.  And scary!  And awesome!  And terrifying.  And even though the people right before us had just flipped their ATV, and we vowed to be way more careful than them, sand blindness got the best of us and we ended up crashing anyway.   Thankfully, I have a very smart and safety oriented guy who got us out of our nose dive before we flipped entirely.  It was still a blast, minus the whiplash. But now that we’ve gotten that desire out of our systems, I think we’re good!  Don’t ever need to do that again.

IMG_2266These years have gone by really fast, but they’ve been fun…and humbling.  We’re so thankful to have gone through them together, and can’t wait to see what the next fifteen bring!

Catch ya later!

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