Love scene

The love birds are busy at work having babies again, and we’re still snatching our moments of affection in the midst of these noisy, messy, silly little humans we’re blessed to love.

The Things That Count

I’m a romantic at heart, so when I looked up from taking out the recycling tonight and saw this, I had to run inside for the camera to snap some pictures before the moment “flew away”, ha-ha!DSCN4483

The parents are the two on the left…the three kids, on the right.  As annoying as these little birds can be, this particular birdy couple have stolen a place in our hearts, or at least stolen a nesting place by our house.  This is the third year they have built their mud nest on top of our motion-sensing light.  They come, spend days building, lay eggs, and then care for their hatchlings until they are ready to fly off on their own.  Our kids  love seeing all this happen right outside our garage and will make sure to bring over all their friends, young and old, to check on the status of the bird family.   There’s always a ladder pulled out several…

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