The month of May on my calendar looks kinda like a tornado ripped through it.  Appointments, travels, concert, lessons, guests, big deadlines, and lots of crossed off days.  Thirty-one to be exact.   A lot of things that looked overwhelming last month, but are now done, and amazingly we survived…and life marches on.

Looking back at some highlights of May:

Aviary Photo_130766182445775544

My sister and her family came for a spur of the moment visit!  We should really spend more time together.  Look at the crazy way we act when we get a few seconds.  We stayed up way late, talked about all the nasty things mom’s discuss that they never thought they would, laughed about all of them too, and decided our kids are growing up way too fast.

On a more serious note though, this is my sweet sister who’s hubby is fighting cancer.  They have three little kids and an awesome ministry with college students.  Pray for them if you think of it.  The beauty among the hard of it is, God IS at work in their lives and they have a story of faith and grace as they endure the painfulness of life in the midst of this broken world.  I so love this gorgeous, silly, resiliant sister of mine and her family.  God picks the best family ever!

Aviary Photo_130766186005202121

May also brought “old” friends from our first years of marriage (and those forever ago seminary days) who drove a long way to come visit us!!  Us!!  I couldn’t believe it.  We used to hang out when we were DINK’s (Double Income No Kids) who went camping with strangers and crazy things like that!  🙂  Four kids each and 13 years later, we discovered we still love spending time and adventures together.  And our kids all agreed!

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DSCN8342My man and I also enjoyed our first day alone together in a long time.  It was a highlight of our month for sure, even though it was just a grocery shopping day. There’s something about being able to be silent as long as needed, laughing about things no one else gets, enjoying a lunch without messes, a beach stroll without little legs trailing behind, and the sharing of hopes and dreams over coffee and the long drive home.  It was a breath of fresh air on the long, sometimes stinky, adventure of raising little people that parents need to come up for every once in awhile.  Oh, and have I ever mentioned, I really like this guy!

With that the month is over.  You know what this means!?  It’s June!!! Yes, it is!  Are you ready for summer?  We have one week left of school and then it all begins.  I am looking forward to a change in the pace, which around here often means more to do, but at least it’s different, and I like different!  At least for two months.  🙂

Here’s to an eventful summer and a whole lot of pencil marks on my calendar reminding me of all the things I have to do.  And for all those non-penciled things that are often times more important and not able to be done apart from God’s strength, let’s trust Him that He’s got enough grace for each moment of each day, and will never leave us to figure it out on our own!

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