Four is just right

We were hiking one of our favorite trails the other morning, you tagging along behind me, but assuring me you were strong enough to scale the hills by yourself, when suddenly you got close enough to reach out for my hand and ask to hold it.  I, with a huge smile of course,  said “Yes, I’d love to hold your hand.”  So we did.  Holding hands the rest of the hike.   And you said, “Sank you! You are so cumpy-closey” (comphy-cozy)


That’s what I like about you.  You are bold, and sweet.  You know what you want, yet you consider others too. And you know what you’re capable of…even if it means failing a few times.

Bud, you are finally four.  Not seven, not 10 (like you’ve claimed for years now)…simply, wonderfully four.  This birthday something happened, and you are proudly saluting four squeezed-tightly fingers when asked your age, not needing to claim a different stage of life anymore.  Must be growing up.


This last year has been great.  You’ve learned so much; gaining an understanding of letters and numbers, God’s love and prayer, drawing and painting, riding a bike and playing football.  You’ve learned to box on x-box, throw a baseball, take hikes without giving up (well, almost), and eat three bites of food in order to get your dessert.

You love blueberries and apples, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, painting pictures of rocket ships and monster trucks, and falling asleep with various race cars or space shuttles tucked in close.  You’re not much of a singer, but you love to be sung to, read to, and talked to.  This last year we’ve watched your vocabulary boom and it’s so fun having a conversation with you now!

What get’s me most though is your smile.  It’s really impossible to not get a smile from you.  You are serious about your play and staying warm with a blanket, heater, or just avoidance of all things cold, but you are most definitely quick and ready to give a smile to anyone willing to look your way with a silly grin.  I like that about you.

That seriousness makes me smile too.  I often find you sitting quietly, munching your apples or holding a toy, just thinking about who knows what.  You’re a very considerate, tender, rough and tumble, quick to punch and quick to apologize, kind of boy.


Space shuttles and rockets are your love language right now, and I’m pretty sure you’re super impressed that the same God who made  those planets you want to fly to, also made you.  Sometimes I think that’s what your thinking about when I catch you in a quiet moment.  Yesterday while we were grocery shopping, you were chanting “God made me so stwong! God made me so stwong! God made me so stwong!  Right mom!?”   It’s pretty amazing how special and completely unique God made you, Bud!

We are humbled with the privilege of having you as part of our family.  I will always feel like the most blessed of women that I not only got the gift of a third child, but a child like you, my little “big boy” snuggle bud.  I better not get that wrong anymore.  You are a BIG Boy.  Don’t worry.  I’m sure of it now.  🙂


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