Daddy’s Smile

There is a moment in my days that I love more than most.  It’s beautiful and purely joy-filled:  That moment when my man, the father of our children, becomes “Dadddd-dy!!”.

Not that he isn’t DAD all the time.  He’s is!  And a great one for sure!  Wading through the ups and downs of parenting, with love and wisdom, he has a huge supply of grace and the best answers when the world needs s’plainin!


But, at least once a day, sometimes for just a few minutes, or for hours at a time, I get to see the most magical sight: When the responsibilities and troubles and chaos and stress of the day get set aside, and he just becomes…Daddy.


It’s that time of day when girls become silly and talk cutesy, when boys get wild and pull out their muscles.  When there are hide-n-seek games, books read, toes counted, and tickling heaps of screaming children.  There are horsey rides, and hair-dos, dancing and big stories; baseball games with imaginary bases and outlandish stunts to show off.


The world and all it’s troubles transform into a care-free wonderland of blanket teepees, couch cushion forts, bunkbed pirate ships, and bathtub hideouts.


He becomes super-hero, prince charming, and master of all talents.  And our kids eat him up!


As much as these littles need a father, they certainly need those daddy moments.

And this mommy needs these moments too.  Not just so I can make dinner in peace, or snag a second to throw in some laundry, or even to catch a breath of alone time.    It’s in watching these daily scenes of joy-filled intimacy between Daddy and littles that I connect on a soul level with this man, and lean deeper into relationship with my Heavenly Daddy.


He is drawing me to joy-filled wonder at His grace and love for me.  I pray that I will respond with the same child-like glee to my Daddy and His affection for me that our kids have for this man I get to call hubby.

May you experience the joy of your Daddy’s smile today!

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