Dude!! (Cause that’s what everyone’s name is now, right?!)  You are 10!!!!


When you were just a little guy, it was hard to admit, but I could already imagine you being 10 years old.  There were those moments when your mature little face, or your seriousness would make me wonder if you were ever really a baby.


From your littlest days, you’ve had a very important role in our family.  Not only were you our firstborn, the child we’d prayed for, but you were also instantly used by God to bring comfort and hope in the midst of a very difficult time in our lives.  You were amazing in every way, cheerful, a great sleeper, always ready to laugh, and you had those big eyes that would look into our very souls with such serious attention when we’d share our hearts in your presence.  Out of the mouth of our baby, God planned for us to understand His strength, and your sweet voice covered us with His freeing grace again and again. You have inspired us, humbled us, and given us more opportunity to pray and trust God with our lives, and YOURS!!


These last 10 years have seen you dramatically grow, from a projectile vomiting baby to a food compacting tween.  From a boy scared of bikes and water and darkness, to a kid cruising around town – with no hands, begging to go swimming in the ocean every day, and ready to go on an overnight wilderness trek this summer.

1920458_10151917497307063_284235572_nYou have overcome fears, bad habits, and damaging attitudes.  And you have developed character, grace, and perseverance.  All in just 10 years of life!  I can’t wait to see how God uses your strong-willed, determined, and yet gentle spirit to impact this world.  I know you’ve already impacted ours infinitely more than we ever expected when we first prayed for you many years ago.


For number 10, we snuck away on a Sunday afternoon to one of our favorite beaches, with yurt reserved and hotdogs ready for grilling – just like you requested.  And your most wished for gift?  A new body board, arrived just in time for you to spend hours of that beautiful day trying to catch a few waves. Unfortunatly, it was flat, flat, flat! Perfect for splashing and swimming…which is what you spent your birthday doing, in that new, super warm wetsuit you got yourself the other day (with your own hard-earned money).  It was a joy to watch from shore a boy so happy to just float!


Ten is going to be good.  There’ll be more responsibilities, more troubles to be aware of, more issues to work through, more pains and aches to experience. But there’ll also be new freedoms, experiences, trust built, understanding gained, and more  hope of what will come.

You, my boy, are 10!  And it feels really good to say.  You deserve every one of those double digits!!


P.S.  Those Black Bean Brownies were awesome!!

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