Minnie Me

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It’s happened. You, our baby, have turned  TWO!!


Sweet thing,

the days have gone so quickly, but they’ve been great!

You are our busy girl.

Drawing on walls, dipping things in toilets, climbing counters, throwing folded clothes out of drawers.

Sleeping in the lower bunk, driving the little tractor, riding the tricycle, playing house, pushing Tonka trucks around, and even  using the “toy-yet” on occasion…Mommy likes that!!


You love applying your “mmm” very precisely and generously (“Mmmm” is shimmery pink lip-gloss), getting your “pretties” on (nail polish), and a bath is not complete without you working hard to scrub yourself “cween”.


You love big brother reading to you, brushing your hair, or giving you a piggy-back ride.  And you never hesistate to jump right into to the big wrestling pile on the living room floor every night with those three guys in our house.

You’re saying lots of words now too!  “Seeesy!” is your call for Big Sister’s attention and you use it all the time.  “Seesy go!  Seesy come!  Seesy bye-bye!  Seesy UP!!!  Seesy, teeee potty!” (tea party)   Melt my heart, I just want to laugh and cry every time I hear it.  My favorite right now is when you crawl up in her bed every morning to kiss her awake.  Usually it takes you diving under her covers and licking her face to get her moving…but hey, whatever it takes!!


You and Little Brother are a team like no ones business.  If it’s not building with blocks, or giggling uncontrollably about terrorizing the dog, it’s sneaking into mom and dad’s bed in the middle of the day to have a ‘sweep-ower” under the covers.  You two are obsessed with Octonauts, an apple snack every morning at 9:30am, coloring with markers, and playing with your friends. Quite a duo you are!!


You are an escape artist, a heart-stealer, a cutie pie, and super independent all in the same breath.

The last few months, you’ve also become a daddy’s girl, preferring his hand to mine when walking, snuggling in for big Daddy cuddles, telling him all sorts of important things, or wrestling on the floor.  He is awfully sweet, isn’t he!DSC_2603

In honor of you, Sweet Girl, we celebrated your birthday in Minnie Mouse style;  with pink, polka-dots, cuteness, sweet friends and goodies, and some pretties too…just like you.  It was just your thing!!

It’s hard to believe you’re a two year old already.  But we love every second of it –  minus the pee on the carpet and the gum in your hair.  🙂

Happy birthday, Minnie Me!!  You are a blessing and a joy to our family.


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