Remember when?

My Love,

Remember those warm summer nights of learning who the other was?  Of walks in the moonlight, you playing your guitar, us sitting under the street lamps sharing deep feelings of love?

Remember when every spare moment we could find was spent together – and our hearts raced at the prospect of more?

Remember the cutely folded love notes, those well-thought-out gifts, spontaneous dates, staying up way too late, phone calls to discuss nothing in particular?

Remember the picnics, 4x4ing, bonfires, and cuddling under the stars…? DSCN6453

Remember when it was just you and me?  How we dreamed of adventures, traveling, ministry, and maybe even a baby who would grow to throw a football, or laugh when you danced with her?

Sometimes I remember those days of before….

before stretch marks and sleepless nights,

before OUR time became family time,

before the tub got filled with bath toys and the house with dolls and trucks,

before ministry……….DSCN5778

We were excited, dreaming big, living free, growing old together, and believing that God would mold our hearts and direct out steps right where we were supposed to be.

And it was in those first growing together days of love notes and picnic dates, that THIS –

this you and me and all our littles,

this serving and dying to self,

this keeping a home and discovering grace in the mess,

this failing and forgiving

this loving when there’s nothing in return,

this praying for God’s will to be done,

this learning and humbling,

this walking through valleys and climbing the mountains,

this trust that God’s plan is perfect

way back then, THIS was what our wild, romantic dreams were drawing us to.   And as our dreams have become reality and others have been forgotten, our love has deepened and broadened to include the blessings of others who’ve been added to our story along the way.  Our life and love hasn’t been good because all our dreams came true, but because in all of THIS, we’ve continued to seek out eachother, to hope, to love….and to kiss, often!!!


I am yours and you are mine!

Remember when?

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