God is awesome.

His creation….awesome!

The sunset, ocean, mountains, God’s provision, grace and love.

Even us.  Masterpieces of God’s creativity and plan.  Truly awesome!

But, thanks to a song from a certain movie, and the ease and thrill of saying “Everything is awesome!” our three year old believes that, well, EVERYTHING is awesome.

Race-cars, mud-piles, playgrounds, driving in Dad’s truck, riding his bike through puddles, his favorite tv show,  Cheerios, peanut butter on apples, and having Christmas lights on his bed…to name a few.

He also happens to think He is awesome.  And I agree!  Designed and created for a loving relationship with the God of all the universe.  Truly AWESOME, Little Guy.

However, the bold declarations of his own awesomeness – Not.So.Awesome!

Proverbs 27:2 “Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips.”

Trying to convey this idea to a three year old…not so easy.

I started by telling him he wasn’t allowed to say he was awesome anymore.

“I can’t say awesome anymore?”

“No son, you CAN say awesome, just not that YOU are awesome – unless you’re telling how GOD made you.”

“But, trucks are awesome? And you are awesome?  Is my blanket awesome?”

After a go around about what he could and couldn’t say, and why it’s important to be accurate with the words we say, and not praise ourselves, but give honor to whom it is due, he seemed satisfied.


Until the next day.

“I’m not sub-osed to say awesome?”

Same story, same questions and answers repeated again… and again the following day, and for the last week or so.

Until the other morning.  As I was helping him get dressed, I got my usual morning hugs, kisses, and “I love you, Mama!”


“Mama, can you say some-ting for me?”

“Sure, Bud!  What do you need me to say for you?”

“YOU need to say that I am awesome!”

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