From the other day, cause that’s the way blogging goes around here. Getting to hit PUBLISH is usually a days-long process.

My kids teach me so much about being courageous.

Today, Half-pint decided to bless a little friend with a gift.  It wasn’t a birthday or Christmas gift, just an “I was thinking about you and love you” gift.  She told me she wanted to make something, but I didn’t realize just how serious she was.

Yarn and a crochet hook were hunted for and located, a seat on the couch was taken, and she devoted a good chunk of her afternoon to the making of a little doll.  As she diligently  (and cheerily) worked, there were critiques made of more than one aspect of her design and neatness from….eh-hem…me.  After all, I figured I could save her from  another well-intentioned, but never finished sewing creation.

Though she’s just barely learned to crochet, and we’re still working on counting rows and making things look precise and orderly, the whole time she worked, she talked about her little friend and how a special gift would make her so happy.  Her only thought was the joy this gift would bring – completely motivated by love, and what she WAS able to give.

DSCN7978When all the parts were finished, she asked me to stitch them together for the grand reveal.  As I helped her with this final step, I thought about how messy it looked, how imprecise the stitches were and how maybe I should give her a few more lessons before she starts giving away her creations. But I knew, even as these thoughts went through my head, this gift was exactly right.

It was her best.

It was self-less

It was purely good.

It was love expressed.

And…I started to see it as the beautifully designed gift it was intended to be – and the joy it brought to my girl’s heart to give of herself.

A courageous reminder to me that the best gifts are the ones given with love, regardless of their Pinterest-worthiness.

I wonder…what if I was as courageous as my eight year old?

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