Sunday Peace

DSCN7874Since the first days of our marriage, Sunday mornings have been hard ones to live at peace with each other. Even without kids in the picture – or full time ministry – there were an abundance of irritations and reasons to get on each others nerves.  Even to the point that within a couple months of sweet young married-life, the arguments on the first day of the week – as we prepared for God-honoring worship with our church family, of course – became so big and out of hand, we realized we had to change something in order to protect our relationship…and benefit from this special day of the week. It wasn’t that we wanted to make the day miserable for each other.  We just were unprepared that this day of all days would be filled with temptation!

So, we decided to pray for God’s protection over our hearts and minds, before the day and it’s preparations began.  But we also determined that some things just wouldn’t get discussed before, or on the way to church.  After all, our weekly budget probably didn’t need to get figured out while he was shaving.  Family differences didn’t need to be brought up as I was deliberating between outfits.  And the drive to church didn’t need to be filled with insights into each other’s car-maneuvering abilities.

As the years passed, those rules served us well, and we successfully made it through the church doors without fake smiles plastered on our faces.  It also carried over into the rest of the day, and helped us communicate better in other areas as well.

DSCN7891Fast-forward a decade or so and the Sunday morning bug bit again.  Being the mommy of four wascally-wittles, living in a parsonage, with church responsibilities, and a pastor-hubby who disappears early every Sunday sometimes means my prep-time with these kids can become a great big mess of little – and big – hearts getting tangled up in chaos and anger.  It is THE moment in our week where temptation to be selfish and self-centered is in overdrive, and this haven of home can quickly turn into a den of ugly attitudes, trampled spirits, and idolized perfectionism.

Last Sunday morning, our faithful Father knew I needed a reminder of His purpose for our day.  Early, before all the Littles got worked up over pestering brothers, whining sisters, or having to finish their Cheerios,  I got a precious random text from a friend who put it so simply,

“May God’s peace rule your morning.”

What she didn’t know was the stresses and sickness and overwhelming responsibilities on my plate that day.  She didn’t know that I hadn’t had enough sleep for a week or that that the kids were waking up on the wrong side of bed.  But her words were the encouragement I needed to remember that One is able to provide peace – EVEN on a Sunday morning!!  DSCN7882It’s not my plans, system, or schedules that makes for genuine worshipers walking out of this parsonage each Sunday morning.

It IS His peace at work in our hearts,

as we walk in faith, trusting our perfect Prince of Peace that He is in control whether we get it all right or not.

Praying you have a Peace-filled Sunday, and every day in between.

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