The other night I spent an hour hovering over the toilet.  And no, I’m not sick, or pregnant!  I was literally taking a child off, and putting another on as fast as I could!!  Put ’em on, wipe, take ’em off…other child on, wipe, off…switch, on, wipe, off, and on, and on, and on.  At least it wasn’t vomit AND diarrhea at the same time.  This bug has been nasty…and we’re going on well over a week of it now.  There have been a lot of potatoes, bananas and crackers being consumed to solidify things a little, with no luck.

After days of this,  I’d finally had enough of these four walls, and Oldest had a dental appointment up north.  I packed up all the kids, a vomit bucket, some extra clothes, and decided to have some fun no matter how hard it would be.

Done with a quick teeth cleaning, we stopped in at the new cheese factory in town, where a child’s serving of the best ice cream in the world is quite large.  Four orders made for four happy kids!  It’s ok, you can call me irresponsible.  They told me they loved me!  🙂

10389024_10152387284222063_1992016343551017177_nWe had a great time – even with me running up and down the stairs of the creamery to get Little Guy to the restroom every few minutes. But it was so nice to see big smiles on my sick kids faces, to hear their laughter, to see silliness and their happy thoughts coming out.     It makes this tired mama’s heart glad to be able to fill bellies full of sugar and cream and cheer.

“A happy heart is good medicine.”

Proverbs 17:22

It was pretty nice to have auto flush toilets for our use there too!   And no need to clean up after ourselves.  We did enjoy that ice cream, even if it didn’t stay long inside!

10502353_10152387196332063_8919791178971046883_nSometimes, you’ve just gotta take a break!

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