The End of October, 2014

Today it’s a gloomy-outside kind of day and we’re home with a sick girl.  There’s candles burning, a dryer whirring, and it’s quiet for the most part around here – even with four kids.  Drawing, reading, play-doh, and most importantly right now, a nap for the Littlest Little are what’s happening.   I’m almost fooled into thinking I have a moment to myself……pause…………….had to soak that feeling in for a second.  It’s over.  I’ve been alerted I need to find a missing Lego part, cause that’s my job ya know.

Speaking of finding things, Hubby asked me to find a couple of old pics that he needed for a project…which got me looking through old pics…which eventually led to the blog to figure out some dates….which got me all sentimental….which led me to post this walk down memory lane.  See what happens on gloomy days when I have time to look through pictures!!

Halloween 20082008  (She was a lollipop kid, but wouldn’t carry her gigantic lollipop)

Halloween 20092009

– Missing 2010 – maybe we just skipped that year all together.

IMG_74162011 – added a little puppy to the litter


DSCN48152013 – and another baby bug added to our collection

And finally,


Missing boots, bunny ears off, looks like someone needs to pee, and a mad dog.We like to keep it classy.

This year marked a milestone in the whole dressing-up-for-a-silly-holiday for Oldest’s life.  That cute bull-dog mask (that he requested and I created) got discarded minutes before we left for the Harvest party as did the whole brown outfit.  At literally, the LAST minute he threw together last year’s costume and hopped in the van.  We’ll just say he was a construction worker one year and a contractor the next.  Thus ends the near-decade I’ve been dressing him up at the end of October.  It’s a fend-for-yourself from-now-on kind of world for this guy!  It also appears to be a throw-a-hyphen-in-everything kind of a day for me.

And some out-takes:

DSCN7745Thanks for trying, Honey! DSCN7747I melt for my little firemen.  DSCN7748Here’s the backside of that contractor.  He had a blast despite the trauma of nearly going to the Harvest party as a doggie.  DSCN7750And this little bunny loved her some lollipops!!  Only took three washings to get the stains out.

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