Soccer is still in the air here…and thankfully, it’s moving on come next weekend.  *trying to contain my excitement*

DSCN7702This guy has done well this season, worked hard, and gained some great skills. He has struggled with coaches, injuries, and realizing he’s not the fastest, most talented or greatest athlete on the field.  But he has overcome and works hard to be the best teammate and student of the sport he can be.  It’s been a growing thing and he’s succeeded to do well.

DSCN7740These two sisters!!  (Look at that face on Baby Girl!!!  There is mischief all whirled up inside that Stinker!!)  I find these girls playing on the top bunk, dressing up, dancing, reading stories, cooking up goodies on their play dishes, wearing matching slippers, whispering and giggling before bed, tickling… The cuteness is over the top.  Littlest jibber-jabbers on and on about who-knows-what in this sweet little, almost a whisper-voice like she’s telling a secret, as she leans in close.  Big Sis plays right along and they just GET eachother.  I could not have picked out a better set of girls.  They are like vanilla and chocolate, or peanut butter and jelly. So sweet!

DSCN7718And this guy – talking constantly!!  Mostly about things related to boats, airplanes, race cars, and monster trucks.  He likes to say, “Mom! Mom!!! (yes?)  Mom!  (yes?) MOMMM!!! You look at me?!” (since I’m usually doing something else).  And then proceeds to tell us yet again about the big, blue, monster truck he’s going to drive with his friend that will have shooters on it that shoot fire, with wings to make it fly…and it drives really, really fast – in case we forgot the first 17 times he already told us today.  Love him so much.

DSCN7731There has been a definite change in seasons here to go along with the constant cycle of new phases in childhood, and parenting.  These kids never let me get bored with being their mom!   I was thinking today how parenting four children as changed me, how I’m not the mom I started out as.  Praise Jesus!!  That was one uptight mama!  There’s been humbling of pride, a lot of challenges to my ideals, relief for my anxieties, and a realization that I can’t raise perfect children – no matter how structured, or organized, or socially acceptable I try to make their lives.  DSCN7726 More and more I realize just how important it is for me to point them to THE Perfect One who gives grace upon grace, for every moment of our lives. I will mess up over and over (all day long it seems!), and ten years from now I will tell you how it’s a good thing I’m not the same woman I was today.  But Jesus – He is enough…today, tomorrow, and always.  He will not change.  He will never fail them. He will not condemn or misjudge or fly off the handle.  He will always remain the Perfect in this imperfect family. DSCN7711Today, I’m thankful for that.

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