Lost, but not really

Everyday there are moments given to deepen our faith.  Sometimes as simple as losing something…

DSCN7651Yesterday was soccer picture day.  Full uniform required, even though we just had a bunch of games this weekend, and everything was DIRTY!!  Somehow, even though I did six loads of laundry and washed every dirty thing I could find in the house, there was still one pair of purple socks missing!! This was bad – because they belong to Oldest, and he doesn’t do well using something other than the official gear he’s told to wear.  I spent all day tearing apart sheet sets, digging through coat pockets, turning over couches, and looking through the car – several times.  But, I could not find those socks!

When Oldest came home, I broke the news and let him know that unless we found them in the next hour, he would have to borrow his sisters socks for pictures, or wear his black ones from last year.   (Totally un-cool mom moment!) Let me tell you, there was no end to the energy that boy put out for a full 15 minutes searching high and low and trying to remember where he’d left them.  Finally, the reality of the lack of purple socks hit and he didn’t think he felt well enough to go to practice anymore.

Suddenly it dawned on me…FAITH moment!  We stopped our maniacal searching, and asked the One who knows where all things are for His help to find those lost socks.

Another hour passed.  We’d both looked everywhere at least twice. Oldest was ready to stay home to avoid the humiliation of being without his socks.  I told him to get dressed in his uniform and have his shin-guards ready.  I went to check the car one last time, and passed through the laundry room on my way back in.  It was then I noticed a purple and blue piece of fabric sitting in the delicates pile.  I picked it up and shook it, and what do you know, there was a sock that fell out!  A few more shakes and another static-ey sock.

Dirty, but present and accounted for!

DSCN7649Oldest melted when I showed him the socks.  I think I got the biggest hug ever, and the first words out of His mouth were, “Thank you, Lord!….Now my coach won’t kill me!”

“I am the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27

There is nothing the Lord can’t help us find.  Nothing He isn’t able to help us through.  Nothing He can’t repair.  Nothing.  That’s awesome!!

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