Alaska (3)

The mountains of Alaska (that these pictures hardly capture) left me feeling humbled, awed, and thankful.

DSCN7030Humbled ~ knowing that despite my extreme insignificance in the face of such immensity, I am loved and intimately known by the Creator of the entire universe.  DSCN7303Awed ~ at the height, the layers upon layers of different snow-encased peaks and summer-bare ones, the sun dancing across them throughout the day, the glaciers descending their majesty, the animals that grace their rocky edges…

DSCN7218 Thankful ~  that my God is the Rock of my salvation, and that the storms of life will not move Him. I can count on His never-changing character, His faithfulness, and His Word – always.   He is my shelter and refuge. DSCN7088It was such an awesome experience for our beach-bum selves (who are used to sandy coastlines that change daily), to be in the presence of these steadfast rock-giants. As though we left one world and entered another.

DSCN7232A world where words like wild, extreme, frozen, and death are constant reminders that this awesomeness comes with it’s own set of hazards.  But it’s beautiful.

DSCN7317(Denali National Park ~ tallest peak Mt. McKinley @ )

DSCN7357(Sunrise out our front window ~ and this was only a small portion of the view!)

And we are still awe-struck by this other-world of hard, yet
GRAND living.

“Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.”
Psalm 145:3

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