Alaska (Part 1)

"Helping" mama pack.
“Helping” mama pack.

We just got back from an amazing two week trip to the enormous state of Alaska.  I can’t believe I just typed that.

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My man and I have both wanted to go to this last frontier for a long time, especially since we have friends who’ve moved there that tell us how amazing it is.  But who gets to do that on a pastor’s salary, with four kids?  We did dream though…and have prayed about it for years now.  Our kids even got in on it, and Half-Pint started praying she could have her eighth birthday there.


And then it happened!  The ticket prices fell, the air miles added up on our card, we refinanced our house… a lot of things “just” lined up, and we decided to go for it.  Turns out the moment was golden…and the trip was AWESOME!!

10553802_10152775928011804_6693541712651474034_oAs family vacations go, we took off from our place with extra time to get to our first flight, six hours away, only to arrive with not a second to spare.  Oldest had been having stomach issues the night before, and the car ride did him no favors.  An hour into driving, all was lost and we ended up at the carwash, scrubbing vomit from car and clothing.  There were also fires, roadwork, more vomit, and way too many pitstops for potty breaks.  Oh well, at least we made it.  Baby Girl decided to have a blow-out right as we were headed onto the airplane.  The stewardess, and a couple passengers suggested I run back to the airport to change the diaper. It was pretty bad!  I’m sure that’s the fastest I’ve ever changed a diaper, and the only time on an airport floor.  Everyone was happy to see me board with a fresh-smelling baby.  🙂

10548159_10152775928006804_4552135797409407382_oFlying with kids was not half the trouble I thought it would be.  Baby Girl yelled at least a hundred times, “Woahhhhh! Woahhh! Woooooooah!” at every moving part, every airplane, every little car on the ground, every cloud in the sky.  It was priceless.  Little Guy talked the entire first flight about how the “Rockasheep with fire shooters” was flying fast, how the “tur-oo-lance” made his tummy “oooo-ooooo”, and on and on.  He cried when we had to get off the last plane.

10668942_10152775928021804_6425381138242770688_oOur friends picked us up in Anchorage late at night…way too late to see anything.  A two hour drive back to their place got us to bed around 3am.  Sometime late that morning, we were all awakened to one of our Littles yelling,  “WOW!!!  GET UP AND LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW!”

Part of that first view.
Part of that first view.
Calf moose with mama behind.
Calf moose with mama behind.

Stunning!  Majestic!  Grand! Breathtaking!  Awesome! Feeling Rather Insignificant!  All descriptive of what hit us with our first peek of Alaska. Speechless is what we really were – Though Baby Girl did manage to say “Wooaahh!”


Good Morning, Alaska!  You are going to be fun to explore!

“Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.” Isaiah 6:3

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