18 Month Girl

Somehow it slipped by.  A little girl passed her 18 month hurdle with little more than a doctor visit and immunizations.  And that was scheduled long before the actual event, so I didn’t really even consider that this milestone passed by until the other day when someone asked me how old she is. Sigh!

Eighteen months!  Wow, it’s gone by really, really fast!!  Here’s what’s up with Little Sis these days, at the ripe old age of one-and-a-half:

JIBBER-JABBERING: about all sorts of things, but saying almost nothing.  Except the very exaggerated and often spoken, “Nooooooooo!”  She will not say most words we tell her, but she will nod an emphatic “yes” to whatever she agrees with.  Here’s how it usually goes: “Do you want some apple?” (nods “yes”)  “Can you say “apple”?  (nods “yes”)  “Aaaaple” (nods “yes”) “AAAAA-PLLLE”  (nods “yes)  Then she will throw in a “EEEESE” (Please) because that must be the only reason we haven’t fetched the item we know she wants.  I know the words are there, but who knows when she’ll actually say them.  🙂

I’ve also heard “Oggie” (doggie), “Mamamamamama” (Mama), “Daddy”, “Aaaa-Eeee” (Sadie, the dog), “aaa-koo” (thank you), “hulooo” (hello), and a few others.

CLIMBING: Everything.  Including the bunkbed.  Which terrifies me because she has no fear yet.  One day, Daddy found her straddling the safety rail, completely oblivious to the five foot drop below.  (no wonder we have grey hair!)

PUSHING: Strollers, carts, laundry baskets, her brother’s buttons, and every other thing she can find that will be moved.

TEETHING: 16 teeth to be exact.  And more coming.  She’s been constantly teething since six months of age.  I hear she’ll stop at 20 teeth (for awhile), but I’m not convinced yet.

SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!: I’m unashamedly ecstatic about this!  It has been a long year of sleep-deprived nights and frustration as to why in the world she wouldn’t stay asleep.  We’re all so much happier.

SHOE STEALING:  Though she loves her own, she loves everybody’s bigger shoes better!  She will literally come and take the shoes off my feet just so she can walk around, floppily.

FRIEND: She has a bff that’s been her pal for a whole year now.  Everyone needs a friend, even 18 monther’s.  🙂 She screams with happiness every time she sees her little friend.  So sweet!!

PERSONALITY: Suspicious, daring, lovable, sweet, fiesty, and basically a confusing mix of fun and moody.  Too early to tell on this one.

FAMILY: It’s so beautiful seeing this girl get loved-on by her three older siblings.  I can see why the youngest often-times gets spoiled, because she gets soooo much attention.  That is definitely going to be our challenge with this cutey-pitootie!

FAVORITES: Piggy-back rides, chocolate chips, popsicles, cheerios, graham crackers, cheese!, books, sand, animals, a purple polka-dotted blankie, dancing, helping with the laundry, unloading the dishwasher, and vacuuming!  I love this age.   🙂

Happy half-way through your second year, Baby Girl.  You are getting so big, learning so much, and blessing our hearts with your gentle yet determined little spirit.  We’re are in love with you!

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