And so it begins

To my 2nd and 4th grader,

The first day of school is coming fast!  Where did summer vacation go?  We’ve had a lot of fun – like that time we went camping with friends and ended up next to your cousins who just happened to be camping at the same place, at the same time as us…   And we’ve had some great relaxing moments too – like laying on the living room floor while Dad read a story and the fan whirled overhead.  I’ve loved this summer and I’m sad to see it go.

But, in a couple days, it will be time to move on to responsibilities and schedules.  We’ll make sure you have all your supplies ready, that first day hair-do done, and a warm breakfast on time.  You will be ready for the first day of school!

Well, almost.

Before you go, there are some things I want to pray for you as you venture back into the halls of your school.  And I know it’s a venture.  There will be highs and lows, some good and some bad, some ugly and some beautiful things.   But, that’s life…and this is your training grounds for when you launch out on your own someday, so…it’s a good thing.  Your Dad and I are here for you, and more importantly, God is the one who walks beside you through those halls, classrooms, and playground when we aren’t there.  He is the one who hears your secrets, knows your inner struggles, and points out the places for you to go.  And so,

I pray you will go back with courage and enthusiasm for what this year will bring.

I pray that as you fill your head with facts and important skills that you will remember that knowing and fearing God is where wisdom is found.  If you don’t get the best grades in the class, we’ll be okay with that.  Instead, I pray you’ll do your best, never needing to cheat or give up because you know not only who watches over you, but that your best is all that’s required.

I pray you will not forget who you are.  You are God’s special creation, made for a purpose, and designed magnificently and uniquely to bring Him glory.


I pray you will remember your mission – to shine brightly in your school-world.  Have courage because there will be lots of opportunities to not shine. I pray you will depend on God’s strength to make it through your day, to take the road less traveled and to light up that place!

I pray for you to know the right moments to speak, and the moments to be silent and listen.

I pray that you will seek out the downcast of your peers, the lonely on the playground, the sad in the halls, the ones who’ve never known love… I pray you will be a friend and show them grace and compassion.

I pray you will speak words of hope and peace and leave the sharp, hurtful words of anger and jealousy to others.

I pray you will be attentive and respectful to those in authority over you.  That you will stand out for your respect, and NOT for demanding your own way or being rude.


I pray God will give your teachers and the administration wisdom and strength for their very difficult task of imparting knowledge AND character.  I pray we will be a help to them in the big task they have each day.    Amen.


Kids,  you will mess up.  You will make mistakes.  You will not get perfect grades or say the right thing every time.  You will be misunderstood, judged, talked about, laughed at, and maybe even do some things we’ll all be embarrassed about.  That’s ok.  Remember you are LOVED.  Not because you do everything perfectly, but because you are ours.  And we couldn’t be more proud of who you are and who God is growing you to be.

We’ll see you when the bell rings.

Love, your mama


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