Precious Lub

This was a long week – single parenting, and feeling stretched thinner than thin in the affection department.  After another long bedtime routine where it seemed each kid was out to beat the other in last-minute NEEDS from mom and in loudness (17 month-old decided she’d cry for almost an hour, for no reason), I finally had three sleepers.

DSCN5786Exhaustedly (is that a word?), I made my way to the final hold-out, my rambunctious three-year old who seems to have more energy at 9:30pm than any other time of the day, and dropped onto his bed to soothe him to sleep with a back-rub.  I was wishing more than anything that he would just pass out and leave me at least a few minutes to unwind alone in a quieted house.  Instead, he showed me his little car and told me something about it, then gently reached up, wrapped his arms around my neck and said,

“I so much really lub you, Mama.”

We hugged so tight I thought he might be glued to me for the rest of the night.

“I love you so much too, Buddy!”

To which he said, “I lub you really much too!”

Be still my heart!  Who needs alone time?


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