You may have noticed, I’m just not on here that often right now.  My “Posts”  box is full of half-started thoughts and stories, but either my brain is in neutral when I have a moment, or I just don’t have an extra one that isn’t better spent doing something else – like listening to a girl talk about her story writing dreams, or a boy tell me about his “es-savator” working really hard to make a road. I also have more laundry to fold, messes to clean up, and places to take all these children than ever before.  Priorities!!DSCN5855So…if you’re interested in keeping up with us this summer a little more than I’m willing to blog, you can catch me on Instagram – where I post some of our special moments in picture keepsakes *mostly* every day, without the need for an entire blog post.  You can find me there under the username, momentsworthremembering.


I’ll be posting again on here soon I’m sure, but for now, I’m prioritizing the extra time I have with my kiddos this summer by keeping my laptop closed and my eyes looking up at all the wild, beautiful, messy, crazy, amazing things they are doing.


Hope you’re having a great summer so far!!


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