Simple Summer


It’s officially the dog days of summer around here.  Has been for a couple weeks now – and I’m so thankful.  Something about having no morning and afternoon schedule makes me feel like running through a field full of daisies in slow motion.  And then I start worrying about all the idle hours the Littles are about to spend not filling their brains with important facts and keeping their bodies busy with creative things to do!!!  BUT, then I remember, THIS IS SUMMER vacation!!!  Time to let them be kids, lay in the sun a little, allow boredom to stir up some imaginative creativity on their part – just like I got to experience back in the days of my childhood when my parents let me roam the countryside, climb trees, read books on the lawn, and find little wild critters to wonder over.

Summer was an awesome time of my life.  Every year!  DSCN5745

SO, instead of a filled-up summer schedule, our kids are enjoying later bedtimes, the freedom to wander, popsicles in the morning, and of course, NO SCHOOL WORK!  Though we have a summer calendar with lots on it, and even some great bucket list items – including camping, swimming, building, painting, reading, hiking, friends, boating, etc – my hope this three-month break is to see my kids develop and grow in their abilities and creativity by having no agenda except to experience and discover more of the world around them, wherever that might be at the moment.

DSCN5735Today that looked like cleaning the rabbit hutch, taking a walk/bike ride, making wooden guns with a scroll-saw and rubber-bands, designing dolls with wooden objects and yarn, playing and imagining together, digging in the sandbox, dreaming about desserts to make tomorrow, watching YouTube videos about: animal births, building tree-forts and how-to’s for balsa-wood creations…to name a few.

DSCN5739We are set to seize each day this summer, yet not go overboard with plans that ultimately leave me exhausted and kids increasingly dissatisfied with mom’s diminishing production of new ideas.   It’s time for kiddos to just enjoy some good ol’ summer fun – and mom to stand back and watch it happen, as I tell them where the cotton balls and glue are stored.

Here’s to living life simply, fully.



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