Ten Reasons I Love Being A Pastor’s Wife

I have the somewhat unique privilege to LIVE my man’s “career” with him.  It’s kind of… our life.   Many years ago, in my young and naive days, I was told this is what I could expect should I decide to marry him – and yet, I said, “I do!!” I guess I was up for an adventure…..

Life hasn’t disappointed.

And, most days, I really love being a pastor’s wife.

family 22014
Photo credits to Julie E.


Here are 10 things I can honestly say I appreciate/am learning to appreciate about this living your spouse’s career kind of life.

(10) The Schedule.  The flexibility in a small church is amazing.  Sometimes it means our calendar is super busy.  Sometimes, not so much.  Sometimes he walks into the house and says, “Let’s go fishing!” –  in the middle of the day.  Sometimes, he’s working late into the night.  This has taken years for my have-it-all-scheduled-out brain to get used to, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Having his office in our home also means we have access to him *almost* ALL.the.time.  There are definitely  downsides to this easy accessibility for sure, but it comes in mighty handy when a kid starts bleeding, or the dog runs away, or I decide to move all the furniture.

Garrison March 14

(9) The Networking. We get to meet the most amazing people in ministry.  Missionaries from overseas, other pastors and their families, people walking the beaches of our town who randomly stay the night because we can’t stop sharing God’s heart with each other. It’s awesome to see God’s work happening – and to be an itty-bitty part of the bigger picture that’s developing around the globe.

(8) The Gifts. We have received a lot of gifts in our 13+ years of ministry (vehicle repairs, groceries, clothing, household items, music lessons, access to boats, rv’s,  vacation homes – to name just a few).  Our Father truly owns it all and we have benefited greatly  from people blessing us with their generosity.  It’s a humbling experience to be completely at God’s mercy.  He is Good!

Katelin Baptims

(7) The Growth.  This life isn’t easy –  But it’s also not all hard.  I love that God has used the trials and the triumphs to grow us more like Him.  I know that can happen in any life, in any line of work, but there’s something about this worldy-strange existence our family leads that has a way of making faith very prominent in our day-to-day lives.  It forces the questions, and makes the answers beneficial to so many more than just ourselves.

(6) The People.  I’ve learned people are people, are people, are people – wherever you are, whatever you do. And in this field, people make up the whole landscape.  There is so much to gain from living life with others – laughing, learning, serving, and even butting heads together.  People are why my man went into ministry (and why I married him knowing full-well what it meant for me).  They’re why we serve and sacrifice, why we lay awake at night praying, why we change our plans for someone else’s, why we live THIS way.  We want to see people know this awesome God we serve.  Yep, the people…


5) The Family Time.  Being in ministry means we get to do family things, as a family, with our church family.  How many careers out there let you hang out with your kids and favorite people while you work?  This is good stuff.

(4) The Humbling. I won’t lie, it’s hard to live life in front of lots of other eyes (yep, people again!).  It’s hard to live with your home being an extension of the church building.  It’s hard to know you’re being judged, constantly.  It’s hard to be told you could do something better, or more like the last person. It’s especially hard to hear criticism of your spouse, or children!  But it draws me to God and what He thinks of me, and who He wants me to be, and I happen to know that He looks highly upon a humble spirit.  So, I’m learning to go there with Him, even if it hurts sometimes…or a lot of times.


(3) The Boss.  My husband has the best Boss EVER….and FOREVER, and EVER.  He is patient and kind, forgiving, loving, has a plan for everything, and offers out-of-this-world benefits!  Best.Boss.EVER!!

(2) The Pastor.  I told my husband recently I was very distracted during the sermon one Sunday because the preacher made my heart all a-flutter.  He didn’t seem to mind.  🙂



(1) The Pay.  We’re not getting rich today, but I’m told the future reward is great.  And, there’s joy in living simply, trusting God for what we need right now.


What does your life look like, and what do you love about it?


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