My Man

We celebrated a milestone of a birthday this week.  Middle-age acquired…for a very special someone I call, Hubby.


In the spirit of denial that this age is actually upon him, we went on a big hike…with all the kids and some family.

Oh yeah!!  No sitting around feeling sorry here.  🙂

DSCN5604(He may be getting older, but he can still scare the spit out of me with his crazy shenanigans).


I love you, Honey!!  More than the white hairs in your beard.  More than the aches in our backs.  More than the number of your days – or even our days combined.

You make my life rich with smiles and laughter,

                                   deep thoughts and strong faith,

                                                 committment and faithfulness,

                                                                            strength and love,

                                                                            integrity and determination

I am so happy to be the woman by your side these last 15 years.  I can attest, you’re aging well.


Love you forever and always,

Your Not-So-Secret Admirer.  ❤


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