Can it be?  Nine!!  Some things just seem impossible.  This is one of them.  I’m pretty sure I just brought you home with your little beanie cap on that big head of yours and my hospital bracelets still dangling from my swollen wrists.  But, nine years has somehow passed us by, with just enough time to realize,

YOU are such a delight to my soul, First Child of mine.

What he wished he was doing for his birthday. Only add a fishing pole and a few fish to this cake. :-)
What he wished he was doing for his birthday. Only add a fishing pole and a few fish to this cake. 🙂

You have those big brown eyes that drink in life and how it all works.





You’re getting old enough to read joke books and tell some really good ones.  The kind that make me genuinely laugh out loud.

And the toothy grin that goes with that…mmmm, love it.


Gator Boys and Call of the Wildman are your FAVORITE shows, because what boy doesn’t want to go wrestle down monsters in the water?  I may have heard you say you even want to do that as your job someday. I won’t hold you to it, mister.  🙂

DSCN5528Earning money for a bigger bike in the next two years is your goal.  You’ve been sacrificing other things to keep your money growing.  I’m proud of you for being disciplined with your finances.

Chores are a cinch for you these days.  You’re sweeping and cleaning, scooping poop and carrying garbage like it’s no big deal.  But, we’re noticing!  Things are changing around here.


And piano lessons.  God gave you long fingers, an ear for music, and a gift of free piano lessons.  There’s no stopping you now.  You are a diligent student!  I wonder what you will do with this gift.

You are a faithful friend, especially to your beloved Sadie dog.  She would sleep in your top bunk in a heart beat if we’d let her. I love watching you play with her and lay on her as you share dog-boy secrets.  She’s a lucky dog!

You’re an awesome big brother.  I love watching you with your baby sister – carrying her around and making her laugh. She’ll pick you over me for comfort these days!  And reading to your little brother makes me want to stop the whole world to show them what a blessed little boy he is to have you.  Your best bud, Half-Pint is your biggest fan and rightly so.  You’re quite a gentleman to her, opening doors, allowing her to go first, considering her above yourself.  We’re working on some of these things, but I know you love her dearly.  Someday maybe you’ll even admit it.


I love that you want to share life with us (except when we just NEED you to be quiet)!  That mouth of yours was made for talkin, we’re pretty much convinced of that.  I love it that you know we love you enough to listen to your silly thoughts, and the ones that are kinda strange or hard for you to share with anyone else.

You – every little silly and serious part of you – are our joy to have known and loved for all these nine short years.  I’m so glad God gave us YOU!

seth robot

Happy Birthday!!

Love, Your Mama

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