Soft shoes, happy feet.

When we had our first babies, we were given baskets full of adorable, baby-sized adult shoes. A new mama’s dream come true! They were so CUTE!!! I set them all up in a row on the nursery dresser, dreaming of the day when our little guy would wear his Air Jordans, or our little lady would dance around in her fancy dress shoes.

That day never came.  The first time I put those fancy shoes on their kissable toes was the ONLY time their feet even touched them. One awkward step and, timber! There was no way they could balance in them. I shudder at the price our friends paid so we could realize cute just didn’t cut it.

For my babies sake, and the health of their growing feet, I instead turned to these cute shoes. Just one pair per size was all that was required.    With soft soles and leather uppers, their feet can grow, grip, and move freely and comfortably to help them learn to balance and eventually walk as confident toddlers.  But the best part of all is that they can wear them for everything – around the house, on the pavement, in rain puddles, to church, on the beach.  Talk about simplicity!  This is my kind of shoe collection.

If you’re a mom, trust me, these are worth every penny (and some are half the cost of similar styles at major retailers) – with free shipping, mind you!!  Or if you happen to be looking for a GREAT baby gift, this one gets lots of kudos from mama’s.  🙂

You’re welcome!  🙂

(click on the pictures to check out the rest of the Kidzuu collection)

There are affiliate links in this post.  I do receive a small commission if you purchase something as you’re exploring Amazon through these links.   


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