The big ONE

I canNOT believe that I’m writing this, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

My BABY is a one year old.  ONE.YEAR.OLD!!


She is a ray of sunshine, a sweetness to every day. It’s just hard to imagine a year ago we didn’t know what she would be like, or what a difference her laugh would bring to our lives.

We celebrated with friends a few days early at our weekly family gym night.  Lots of kids, lots of fun – great place for a party!

She ate her cake like a big girl and had fun being the center of attention.

On the actual day of her birth, we woke up to a sick girl.  😦  Poor thing.  Fever, cough, runny nose.  We kept things simple and spent the day together as a family making Little Sis feel like the very special girl she is.   A *for pictures only-because you’re all sick* cake, a bottle of bubbles (we finally got smart on our fourth child and realized they don’t want anything more than wrapping paper anyway), some birthday singing, and the blowing out of the ONE candle made it official.

A little Motrin to top it off, and the festivities ended with bedtime.  That’s how it gets done sometimes.  🙂

A whole year, filled with beautiful memories and a ONEderful blessing we call Baby Girl.

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