Our heart, in Africa

IMG_2372 This is our heart in Africa.  I’ll call him Al.  Though we’ve only known him for four of his *we’re not sure* years, and we’ve never met him in person, Al is a precious part of our family.   We pray for him, write to him, send pictures and art projects and try to make sure he knows how much he is loved from a world away.

We know this guy has had more hurt in his short life than most of us can imagine, and for years now, we’ve received pictures of him looking serious and sad.   This year though, we opened his annual picture envelope to this beautiful sight – a big, courageous grin.  I’m calling it his “Loved” smile.  (Big Sis said, “He is so handsome.”)  🙂  And I agree!  This boy is a handsome reflection of what love can do to a person.

We may never meet our precious boy on this earth (though we really, really, really want to!!!), and though our few dollars every month do not change the fact that he has many hard obstacles still to face, I can rest easy at night knowing he is getting an amazing education, Jesus-Truth, love, food, medical care, and being considered VALUABLE by a whole bunch of really awesome Jesus-followers where he lives (some of whom we’ve met!).  THAT is what our family gets really excited about.

Check out how you can share hope and change the world for a child,  here or here.  It’s really a small thing we can do, but it has eternal impact!!  And that’s what I’m here for.  How ’bout you?

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