Mama Mingo

Each of our children has a soft, cozy stuffed animal for cuddling with at night.  Some of our kids are really into the ones they’ve been given and have gathered a whole menagerie of animals to join, while others disregard the special creature we supplied and launch out on their own.

This would be the case with Little Brother.  For his first Christmas, Daddy got him the softest little dog.  It’s perfect.  So cute and fluffy and just the right size.  But, after the initial hug on Christmas morning, he hasn’t touched the thing.  I still put it on his bed simply as a gesture – more for me than for him, I guess.

He is in a phase right now where he calls every thing he likes “Mama”.  Mama truck, Mama bear, Mama Dino, Mama cow, etc.  And there’s always babies to go along.  They live in his hand, and he finds little caves for them to live in with their respective “Mama” –  under pillows, in corners, or inside houses built with Lincoln logs.

Awhile back, a special grandma in our church gave Little Sis a pink flamingo.  She likes it, but it’s just a toy.  Nothing she HAS to have.  BUT – Little Brother LOVES it!!!  A few months ago, he picked up the flamingo, and hasn’t slept without it since.

May I introduce Mama Mingo.


This is our two-year old’s favorite night-time/nap time cuddle toy.  And is of course called “Mama”.  Mingo comes from an inability to say FLAmingo.  It took me the longest time to figure out what “mamamingo!!!!” meant as he was struggling to go to bed each night.  But now I know.  Once he has this bright creature, peace ensues.  The space shuttle doesn’t hurt either.  He LOVES “rockasheeps” and imagines all sorts of blasting into space and walking on the moon with a big helmet on his head.

These are such fun days!!

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