If there’s anything this winter should be known for around here, it is the sun!  We have had so much sun, people’s wells are going dry – at the coast!!!! Some of our *winter* days have even reached 80 degrees!  I’m sorry to anyone in the cold parts of the country….I guess that’s about all of you…. but it’s been an amazing winter in our little part of the world.

Our kids are out in t-shirts and shorts, running barefoot on the beach, talking about setting up the sprinkler!  This is really summer weather, except even better because there’s been NO wind.  Here was an exceptionally wonderful day just a few ago.  Shortly after these pictures, all the sweaters came off and summer apparel was donned.  We were just trying to look like we can empathize with the rest of the nation, kind of.  🙂

DSCN5322‘Cause Mom’s are for piling on.

DSCN5295Working on so many great things.  This is a mixture of shapes and letters he’s been learning.

DSCN5300To eat, or not to eat?  That is the question *always*  at hand.

DSCN5321I love this smiley blonde boy!  He is a mischievous ball of energy,  full of hugs and kisses and dance moves like you wouldn’t believe.  He is obsessed with big “mighty” machines, and stealing Dad’s deodorant to dig into when we think he’s asleep.

DSCN5306And this smiley brunette girl is dancing and laughing her way deeper into our hearts with her big brown eyes and her la-la-la songs all day long.  She’s super fun and can it be, nearly one!!

On that note, today marks thirty-three years since the day of my birth.  Happy Birthday to me!  I think I’ll go enjoy some more sunshine.

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