Trusting in 2014

1-14-14.  (I thought that looked neat.)  🙂

The holidays went somewhere, and I can’t seem to locate them.

Sheesh, where does time go?

My kids are wishing it was Christmas again, already.  Infact, they were wishing that on the 26th of December.   We had such a delightful Christmas.  Simple, meaningful, memorable…

Then we had a wonderfully busy, yet uneventful (in a good way) trip for New Years that included my family, my man’s extended family and a very special first meeting between his 101 year old Grandma and our Little Sis.

DSCN5193There was also a cabin getaway, and a ski-trip (minus snow) turned hiking/sledding/resting around the cabin trip.

So, now we’re back into the normal routines of our day-to-day life again:

Kids in school, silly toddlers pattering around the house, giggles, squabbles, and messes everywhere.

Housework, play-dates, shopping trips, meetings, and seeing life at it’s best – and worst.

And true to His faithfulness, God sustains us another day to walk with His strength through this broken world, to find joy in the midst of hurts and trials, and to trust Him with the ultimate plan that trumps all our “normal”.

Here’s to a new year and the running well of our races as we look to Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith.

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