We have a walker

We have another mover and shaker in this house!

On her 10 month birthday, which happened to be Jesus’ birthday too, she picked herself up off the floor, toddled across the room and looked around like it was no big deal.  We of course starting clapping and squealing, which only amounted to her plopping herself down and not doing it again until we turned the cameras off and moved onto other things.  STINKER!!!  This picture is the best we’ve been able to do so far.


She certainly has no lack of fans. I’m pretty sure if she wanted to, she’d never have to walk herself anywhere, ever.  But, this girl is determined to move, and my guess is she’ll have this art of walking down pretty quick here.  More pics to follow shortly, I’m sure.

‘Scuse me while I go catch a speed crawling girl from diving into the toilet bowl.

May your New Year be joyous and blessed!    🙂

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