Nine Months

This Baby Girl is nine months already!


Nine months has brought about big things for Little Sis.

She’s no longer sucking her thumb…this means she has no comfort measures.  This in turn means I am up an awful lot most nights.  Sleep training 101 has begun, again….sigh!

There are six teeth in her mouth,

She’s 18 pounds,

She blows big bubbles with her spit, on purpose,  🙂

Has a hearty appetite,


And an insatiable desire to chew on everything, preferably the most dangerous stuff she can find – electric cords, Legos, plants, cardboard, rocks, etc.  I love this stage, but I can’t wait for it to be over.  🙂

She’s so close to standing alone, and is speed crawling everywhere, or walking with help.

She waves towards herself and growls, “Hhhgh, Hhhgh!”


She dances to music, and will sing along with the whole family when we blast out the tunes on car rides.

She says, “Mama”, “Da”, and “Hgh Dog”

She does this little sit & stand bouncy thingy when being held that I’m pretty sure means, “I’m so happy, and loved.”

Yep, she’s wonderful, and we love her.

So glad to have known this beautiful girl for nine whole months.

One comment

  1. She is at a great age. The only thing I didn’t like about this rapid progress is that they don’t want to be held as much because they want to go, go, go. It goes way to fast right?
    Glad to find your blog.
    See you soon,

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