Mommy lessons

There were streaks through the butter, and ketchup dripping down the bottle.

There was milk dried on the floor from this morning, and a days worth of crunchiness on the floor.


There were shoes and clothing articles littering the floors around the house.

There was spit up embedded in the carpet, and a “spot” that won’t lose it’s smell.

There was chocolate smeared on the couch arm from a little unwashed mouth, and toothpaste splatters on the mirror.

There were dog prints, handprints, and mouth prints on the sliding door.

There were pears with four bites taken from them, and a cookie half eaten, left on the floor.


These are *a few of* the things that were trying my patience …. But tonight, as we prayed before sleepy eyes closed, I was reminded about why I love being the mama of my quad squad.

It’s the light bulb moments, when they get it.

It’s the girl who has a heart for others.

It’s the boy who’s affections run deep and strong.

It’s the snuggles that don’t want to end.


It’s the bouncing and running and laughing and playing so hard.

It’s the Christmas decorations being played with and enjoyed and oo’d and aaa’d over.

It’s the excitement of Dad coming home to kiss goodnight their sleepy heads.

It’s the sharing of meals and the learning together.

It’s the homework struggled over and the answer realized.

It’s the hearts bowed in prayer for others.

It’s the deciding to share when stinginess wants to win.


It’s the gentleness of older with younger.

It’s the glee of younger with older.

It’s the comfort sought when monsters loom.

It’s the happiness over “un-won-were” being dry all day.

It’s the excitement over projects completed and admired.

It’s the new stages being figured out, and the old ones successfully finished.

It’s the hopes and dreams being talked about at bedtime.


It’s the wrestling pile on the floor each day.

It’s the plink, plink, plunk of piano being learned, and the sitting to listen as reading is practiced.

It’s the joy of growth.

This mothering thing – It’s so much MORE than I could have ever imagined.  And when I consider everything there is to give thanks for, I have to bow my own heart tonight and confess my impatience and selfishness that sever relationship instead of build up and pour into these four amazing Littles that look kinda like me.  They are so worth the serving and sacrificing, and I am learning bit by bit….

It’s not just the kiddos who are growing.  It’s the mommy too!

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