Fall randomness

DSCN4804I have to say, I LOVE fall! There’s just so much special about this time of year.


 Toasted pumpkin seeds…these will not last long around these li’l punkins. DSCN4807

Cold mornings… that yield to warm mornings with a fire in the fireplace.

DSCN4813 Blankets… littering the couches for evening movies or story time.


Footy pajamas…being modeled on chubby legs once again.


Apples… and apple pies and apple cider and apple bars, oh my!  I love apples!!!

(So does this guy, who eats at LEAST one a day).


Soccer…the season is over (Yay!), and now the kids are actually playing soccer together, on our lawn.


Leaves… Must I say more? Not so much around our house, but a drive up one of the rivers here and OH WOW! Stunning colors.


Chilly morning walks… with friends and strollers.

DSCN4798What random goodness do you enjoy during fall?

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